High Top Lacrosse Cleats: The New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat

Simply known as New Balance, New Balance Athletics, Inc. is an American company with a base in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1906, the company began as “New Balance Arch Support Company.” Today, it’s one of the leading sports apparel and footwear brands on the market.

The company has manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A and the United Kingdom to serve its large base of consumers in the United States and Europe, respectively. This is unlike most brands with manufacturing facilities outside both the European and the American markets. 

Therefore, New Balance footwear are more costly than those from other brands. However, the company has differentiated its products with technical features to offset the higher pricing. The features include heel counters, blended gel inserts, and varied sizing options, especially for extremely wide or narrow widths.

Since 1992, the sports manufacturer has generated over $69 billion in profits. It has worked to move the world around you for over a century. It believes humans were born to move, and it helps support just that with top sports products. The aim of the company is to help you achieve your goals of moving from place to place, be it through running, walking, playing sports, or jogging. 

The company supports athletes pursuing excellence whether you want to win medals, set records, or attain a new PR. They can also assist you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle to protect your body from lifestyle diseases, or simply run your first 5K.

With a blend of fashion and function, the products are built with great features and based on performance technologies to suit your style and needs. The company has thousands of associates worldwide to bring your goals and those of other athletes wherever they are, to life.

It also gives back, and invests in creativity and high skills level to develop high-performing sports products. Although the company works hard to succeed and achieve its business goals, it does the same for its consumers worldwide. This is because its success is tied to the achievements and success of its customers.

The Lacrosse Turf Shoes and Cleats for men are designed to support players who engage in lacrosse. Men’s lacrosse cleats feature fine details aimed at helping you achieve your full potential when playing. They offer increased breathability, lightweight support, and excellent traction to outperform the competition. 

The New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat 

With the lacrosse turf shoes’ for men, nothing can stop you from going hard on your opponents for a winning game. The New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat has been updated for a game-changing experience. Designed specifically for playing lacrosse, the cleat offers lateral movement support and delivers hard cuts to move you closer to the scoring cage.

The lacrosse cleat for men weighs 278 grams or 9.8 ounces. Designed and engineered specifically for playing lacrosse, the cleats deliver unmatched traction for improved performance. 

The cleat features a new 3D woven saddle upper for great lateral support when playing. It’s integrated with the TPU plate for increased support and stability. The dual-density TPU plate improves stability. It’s also lightweight to support flexible, natural movement of your foot.

The QuixRail lugs are multi-directional to improve traction. They allow your foot to dig into the cleat to maneuver sharp cuts and make quick moves without slipping over. The Fresh Foam cushions your foot for maximum comfort and protection against impact. With the full bootie tongue, you’re guaranteed a custom-like fit for added comfort. 

What We Like

We love the design and look of this lacrosse cleats for men. They’re also lightweight and offer good traction for easy non-slip maneuvers and movements. We also like that the cleats give players a bouncy push towards the cage to boost their performance.

What We Don’t Like

The only thing we don’t like about this cleat is that it’s available in limited colors. Lacrosse players who don’t like the few available colors may have to find something different that suits their taste and personal preferences.

Features of the FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat

  • Weighs 9.8 ounces or 278 grams
  • FreezeLX 2.0
  • Designed for men to play lacrosse
  • Synthetic mesh upper
  • No-sew overlays in certain areas for optimal performance 
  • QuixRail TPU plate for stability and traction
  • TPR outsole
  • 3D woven saddle
  • Full bootie tongue
  • Fresh Foam 
1 New-Balance-FreezeLX-2.0



  • Supports hard cuts and lateral movement 
  • Pushes you closer to the cage
  • Designed specifically for playing lacrosse
  • Delivers unmatched traction and stability 
  • Gives a custom fit 
  • Flexible and lightweight 
  • 3D woven saddles provide support 
  • Cushions your foot for comfort
  • Available in 5 colors 
  • Available in various sizes to fit the different foot sizes of players


  • It’s available in limited color options. 

New Balance Men’s BurnX2 Mid-Speed Lacrosse Cleats

The New Balance Men’s Burn-Speed Lacrosse Cleats are of mid-top type for both flexibility and protection from ankle injuries. They offer enough ankle support, improved speed and stability without compromising your flexibility. The lightweight upper has kitchen stitching to deliver stability and aerodynamic strides. 

The completely knit cleat has a secure, bootie-fit construction for a snug fit around your foot. It’s the footwear you need to feel prepared for your upcoming game to outmatch your opponents. The rubber sole of the NEW Balance BurnX2 Mid Cleats offer added durability.

Features of the New Balance BurnX2 Mid Cleats

  • BurnX2 Mid speed cleats
  • Lightweight upper with kinetic stitching
  • Stride aerodynamic
  • A secure, bootie-fit construction 
  • Black and white finish 
  • Rubber sole
  • TPR outsole and 100% textile and synthetic 
  • TPU molded cleats
  •  Mid-top from arch shaft 
1 New-Balance-Men's-Burn



  • Boosts speed, flexibility and ankle support 
  • Offers stability for all-round play across the field 
  • Gives a snug fit around your foot
  • Available in 2 color options 
  • Available in a range of sizes for the different feet out there
  • Stabilizes strides even at top speed 


  • Available in limited finishing colors 

Why You Should Choose the Right Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse is a high-energy, high-impact game, hence requires the right cleats for high performance. Lacrosse cleats are designed for improved performance. Choosing the right pair of cleats ensures that you get the correct size for a perfect fit. It also results in improved performance when you play your favorite game. 

Furthermore, the right choice of lacrosse cleats translates to performance footwear designed for durable use. They’re also easy to clean and care for; this ensures that your cleats are consistently in good shape. 

High Top Lacrosse Cleats Buying Guide

With many lacrosse cleat brands on the market, choosing the best pair can be a nightmare. This is more so true if you’re new to the gaming industry. However, various factors can help you make an informed buying decision. Most lacrosse players relate their style to their cleats. 

The best lacrosse cleats are comfortable, stylish and give a perfect fit. Traction is also an important factor of consideration. Here’re some factors to govern your selection process and buying decision:

Type of Cleats

Cleats can be of low, high or mid cut. The right cut depends on your personal preference. If you’re looking for a lightweight fit and flexibility around your ankles in your cleats, opt for low cut variations. They allow for fast cuts to increase your speed, but offer low ankle support. 

High-top cleats are ideal for ankle support, making them perfect for defenders who’re susceptible to ankle injury. This is because they offer increased stability when tackling stronger attackers from the opposition. 

However, if you want the best of both worlds, opt for mid-cut cleats. They deliver a combination of lightweight fit, flexibility and ankle support you’d get from high-top cleats. They’re ideal for midfielders who serve both ends of the playing field due to their versatility. 


The way your cleats respond to the surface of your lacrosse playing field depends on their outsoles. Look out for molded plastic spikes, knobs, or stubs on the outsoles of potential cleats. They’re designed to improve the traction of your cleats on all kinds of surfaces, including modern turf and natural ones.

Cleats with plastic stubs on the outsoles are ideal for playing on turf or grass surfaces. Consider cleats with grooved outsoles if you intend to play on stiffer turf. They improve traction on the outsoles for non-slip plays. Avoid metal spikes because they’re not allowed in lacrosse. 


Lacrosse cleats fit just like regular street shoes. Although sizes run differently from one brand to another, you’ll find universal sizes that still give a perfect fit. Opt for cleats with a comfortable, snug fit to ensure they don’t come off while playing. 

Also make sure the cleats don’t fit too tight to scrunch up your toes because you won’t feel comfortable while playing. Just like running shoes, a perfect fit is neither too loose nor tight. Buy at least half an inch up your size to ensure that your toes have enough space between them and your cleats upper, especially around your big toe.

Materials Use on the Upper

Cleats usually feature synthetic on the upper for lightweight use, and increased breathability, support and durability. Mesh ventilation improves airflow for increased breathability to keep your foot dry and cool. Look out for reinforced toe areas if you want shoes designed to last for long-term use.


Players often go for the latest design, popular brand or colors that match their outfits. Although they’re important, other factors such as comfort outplay them. Players have unique feet, and so are the different cleat brands out there. They vary in style and the features on offer. 

Compare different cleats from different brands to help you choose those that seem like a better fit for your unique playing needs. For comfort, opt for cleats with extra cushioning to protect your foot from impact while playing. 


Lacrosse is a sport that demands lots of energy and involves endless impact on the foot of players. Therefore, it requires the best lacrosse cleats to protect your foot from injuries. High top lacrosse cleats provide ankle support, making them ideal for defensive players. Choose comfortable cleats with good traction and a snug fit for top performance.

Order the New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat today on Amazon and protect your foot and ankles the next time you play your favorite sport lacrosse.