Best Youth Lacrosse Stick: The STX FiddleSTX Mini Super Power Lacrosse Stick

STX is a global manufacturer of sports equipment with a base in Baltimore, Maryland. STX comes from the word “sticks”; it’s a contraction of the word. The company is a subsidy of the Wm. T. Burnett & Co. It manufactures sticks for various sports such as ice and field hockey, and lacrosse sticks for men and women. 

Although it manufactures hockey equipment, lacrosse sticks and protective gear are its focus business. The protective gear include women’s eyewear, pads and gloves for protection from injuries when playing the lacrosse sports. 

Founded in 1970, STX began operations as STX Inc. Richard B.C. Tucker, Sr. was the founder of the company. The double wall, a lacrosse head made from synthetic, was the first stick that the company manufactured after its inception. It was also the first synthetic stick used in 1971 during the Men’s NCAA Lacrosse Championship to score goals. 

The company has a large market share in the sports industry worth over $66 million, making it one of the top lacrosse equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

The STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick 

The STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick is designed to help you enjoy all the fun and action that comes with playing lacrosse. It comes in a pack of two, with every stick featuring a soft mesh pocket to capture the ball. 

The durable plastic handle isn’t just sturdy, but ergonomic for good grip while playing. The miniature size of the sticks make them ideal for young players to hold. Every stick comes with a soft 30-inch orange ball to get the youth started with their game upon receiving their package. 

The rugged plastic shafts and heads are sturdy and strong to prevent breakage or rebounds whenever you capture the ball. It’s ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

What We Like

We like that this stick is from one of the best youth lacrosse stick manufacturers worldwide. It’s popular for manufacturing durable sticks you can use to play lacrosse for many years, giving value for your money. We also love the durability of the stick and the guarantee it comes with. What’s more, the pack comes with a ball as a bonus.

What We Don’t Like

We love everything about this lacrosse stick. Although it comes in a pack of two, including a ball, a family that enjoys playing the game would have to buy extra sticks for adults. This would result in extra expenses. However, the sticks are worth each penny you spend on them in terms of the quality and durability on offer.

Features of the STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick

  • Durable plastic handle
  • Miniature sizes for young players 
  • Rugged plastic shafts and heads 
  • Each stick comes with a 30-inch orange ball
  • 2 mini super power sticks



  • Durable for long-term use
  • Mini size for young ones to enjoy their gaming
  • Rugged plastic shafts and heads for added strength
  • Each pack comes with an extra ball, making it game-ready
  • Cost-effective and ideal for beginner players
  • Supports indoor and outdoor use
  • The most popular lacrosse mini stick worldwide 


  • Not ideal for adults
  • Not ideal for seasoned users

The STX Shield 100 Lacrosse Goalie Stick comes in a 40-inch length for goalies. Designed for beginner players, the stick is solid and reliable. The pre-strung pocket and an alloy handle deliver long-term durability. 

However, STX Shield 100 has its head shape support easy groundball pick up to prevent its rebounds from fading away. The 12 diamond semi-hard mesh is strong enough to capture the ball without getting damaged. 

What We Like

We love that the lacrosse stick comes in a dependable design that beginner goalie players would find appealing and easy to use. 

What We Don’t Like

Designed with the beginner player in mind, the stick may not meet the advanced needs of seasoned players. 

Features of the STX Shield 100 Strung Stick

  • STX 6000 handle of 30 inches 
  • A Pre-strung pocket 
  • Mid-low pocket type
  • Designed for the goalie player 
  • Closed sidewall composition.
  • STX shield 100 head strung
  • 40 inches length from the shaft to the head
  • A long-lasting alloy handle
  •  12 semi-hard diamond mesh NFHS,
  • NFHS, NCAA legality 



  • Solid and dependable design for beginners
  • Strong, durable, and cost-effective 
  • STX is the preferred choice for beginner players
  • Ideal for rec-level goalies 


  • Not ideal for advanced players

Why You Should Choose the right Mini Lacrosse Stick

Unlike adults, youth have younger hands with less muscles. This means they require lacrosse sticks designed with their size and unique needs in mind. Choosing the right mini lacrosse sticks for young ones ensure that they play with a stick designed for their small body size, including hands. 

This ensures that your young ones won’t just play, but avoid unnecessary injuries and the challenges that come with using the wrong stick. It ensures you get value for your money and the youth can use their sticks for a long time to come.

The Best Youth Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

When shopping around for mini lacrosse sticks for your young ones, various factors come into play to help you choose the best stick that’s bound to last many years of use. Consider the following factors to help you make an informed buying decision.


Just like any other item for sale, the price of a mini lacrosse is a key factor of consideration. The sticks vary in price based on brand, quality and durability, size, and materials used, among others. 

Buy lacrosse sticks you can afford. When working on a tight budget, look for cost-effective sticks designed for durability and power for top performance. If you’re just beginning to explore the game, buying sticks for your kids, or play the game a few times in a year, don’t opt for expensive lacrosse sticks.

However, if you’re a professional lacrosse player with advanced gaming needs, you may need a top of the line stick. They don’t come cheap. In this case, you’re looking for a mini lacrosse stick for your kids or youth in a club or school. Therefore, go for cost-effective sticks on the market.


Hundreds of companies worldwide manufacture lacrosse sticks for different players at various age groups or playing levels. No two sticks are made the same, not even from the same brand. Browse users’ reviews to help you determine the top lacrosse stick brands on the market.

With information on the top industry players, check out the various sticks they have on offer to find something suitable for your unique needs. For instance, STX is a popular brand in the lacrosse equipment market. 

Size and Weight 

Lacrosse sticks are designed and manufactured in varying sizes and weights to suit the different sizes, ages and levels of players out there. Young players can easily hold mini-sized sticks and play with ease. However, older players would need larger sticks with more weight and ergonomics to play well.

Players with large hands and heavy body weights would need large sticks with reasonable weights to play. The converse is true for players with low body weights. Choose the right size and weight of lacrosse sticks for players accordingly. 


Lacrosse sticks are made from various materials ranging from plastic to wood. Whereas some materials are durable, others aren’t. Choose materials bound to increase the durability of your stick. The stick must withstand the effect of hitting or capturing the lacrosse ball to prevent breakages. 

Sticks made from premium materials are strong and sturdy, translating to increased durability. The converse is also true. Expect lacrosse sticks made from top quality materials to cost more than those made from poor quality materials. With regards to lacrosse stick materials, you get what you pay for.

However, it doesn’t mean that the most expensive sticks are the most durable. It takes careful research and consideration of various factors to get the best mini lacrosse stick for your young ones.

User Reviews

Consumer reviews and feedback are key to selecting the best lacrosse stick for you or your young ones. They say that the customer is always right, explaining why user reviews can help you make the right buying decision. What are lacrosse players saying about the sticks they bought and have used for some time?

Many positive reviews about a stick point to a good product. Avoid sticks with many customer complaints and negative feedback. However, a few bad reviews shouldn’t raise an alarm or stop you from buying a good stick. It’s likely that the negative comments or bad experience in using the sticks resulted from manufacturing faults.


What extra features or add-ons are packed with lacrosse sticks for sale? Look out for gloves, balls, replacement nets or heads, etc. The right accessories can increase the performance and functionality of your lacrosse stick. They can also help you save the money you’d spend on buying the accessories such as a lacrosse ball.

User Level/Experience

Lacrosse sticks are also designed for different user levels or experience. Whereas some are designed for youth or young players and beginners, others target seasoned players with many years of experience playing lacrosse.

Opt for a stick meant for your specific experience or user level to get the most out of your gaming.


Lacrosse is a game enjoyed by both the young and the old. It’s played either indoors or outdoors for endless fun. The game is also played by both men and women. Therefore, the best lacrosse sticks are designed for the different age groups, playing experience, and specific genders.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to choose the right lacrosse stick for kids, adults and users at varying experience levels. The STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick is designed for young players to enjoy playing the action-packed game as often as they want.

The best lacrosse stick is strong, sturdy and durable. It has a handle made from premium materials to offer good grip. They also feature a mesh pocket and may come with a ball. Choose the right stick to ensure you get the power and performance you need to succeed in your favorite sport.

Visit Amazon today to order the STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick for the youth in your school or church, or even your kids.