Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Defense: STX Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

STX is a global manufacturer of sports equipment. It has a base in Baltimore, Maryland. STX comes from the word “sticks”; it’s a contraction of the word. The company is a subsidy of the Wm. T. Burnett & Co. It manufactures sticks for various sports such as ice and field hockey, and lacrosse sticks for men and women. 

Although it manufactures hockey equipment, lacrosse sticks and protective gear are its focus business. The protective gear include women’s eyewear, pads and gloves for protection from injuries when playing the lacrosse sports. 

Founded in 1970, STX began operations as STX Inc. Richard B.C. Tucker, Sr. was the founder of the company. The double wall, a lacrosse head made from synthetic, was the first stick that the company manufactured after its inception. It was also the first synthetic stick used in 1971 during the Men’s NCAA Lacrosse Championship to score goals. 

The company has a large market share in the sports industry worth over $66 million, making it one of the top lacrosse equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

The STX Cell IV Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Liner 

The STX Cell IV Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Liner is designed to offer protection to the defense team while playing. The fourth generation shoulder pad is designed for versatile use. It can support players who adopt various playing styles to ensure their chest, back and shoulder areas are protected from likely injuries because lacrosse is a heavy-contact sport.

Unlike its predecessors, the shoulder pad is based onthe company’s proprietary STX GeoFlex II technology. Therefore, it’s lighter in weight and up to 25% more flexible for better protection and thus performance. The protection system is made from a breathable material to improve air circulation across the pad.

With better airflow, the shoulder pad keeps your body cool and dry. The 7-point stretch zones for mobility ensure that the pads gives a snug, anatomical fit for comfort. 

What We like

We like the stylish design of this shoulder pad and the fact that it features adjustable straps. This means that players of different sizes can easily fit and use the pad at different times for protection.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t like that the shoulder pad may be too heavy or less flexible for some players, especially if they’re trying one out for the first time. It would take some time for players to break into the shoulder pads and enjoy their lightweight and flexible design. 

Features of the STX Cell IV Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Liner

  • A new breathable protection system
  • 7-point stretch zones mobility for a snug fit
  • New GeoFlex II technology 
  • Removable bicep pads
  • Adjustable straps 



  • Improves airflow for increased breathability 
  • Keeps your body cool and dry
  • Stretches to give a snug fit for comfort
  • It’s lighter in weight and about 25% more flexible
  • The bicep pads are removable
  • Features a complete stretch zone for mobility in full range
  •  Straps are adjustable for a custom, secure fit


  • They’re a bit expensive, but worth each penny you spend on them.

STX Cell 100 Youth Boy’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

 STX is a top brand with a large market share in the lacrosse sports industry. It manufactures sports equipment, protective gear, and accessories for playing lacrosse. The STX Cell 100 Youth Boy’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is designed to empower and inspire young boys to play lacrosse.

It guarantees their protection even as they try out a new game with lots of physical contact. The shoulder pad comes with the first lacrosse cardiac silhouette coverage for added protection. The raised chest plate and hard plastic shoulder caps are designed to protect your upper chest from likely injuries. 

Features of the STX Cell 100 Shoulder Pads for Youth Boys

  • STX Lacrosse Cell 3 line inspired
  • Raised chest plate  
  • Hard plastic shoulder caps 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • First cardiac lacrosse silhouette coverage 



  • Empowers and inspires young boys to play the game
  • Protects the upper chest from physical attack 
  • The adjustable straps give a secure fit around your chest and shoulder areas
  • Gives customizable fit for varying shoulder breadths
  •  Ideal for beginner players 


  • Not ideal for older men or advanced players

Why You Should Choose the Right Shoulder Pads for Defense

Lacrosse is a high-impact game that involves lots of contact that make players susceptible to injuries. The best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads are cushioned for added comfort when playing. 

They ensure you’re protected from likely injuries for continued gaming. The right shoulder pads also fit snugly because it comes with adjustable straps for custom fit.

The Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Liner Buying Guide 

Lacrosse is a game played in America. Dating back to 1612, the game has been played for over a century. This has seen it become part of the American tradition. The choice of proper equipment such as shoulder pads, sticks and cleats influence a player’s effectiveness and the game itself. 

As the fastest game that players participate in on two feet, lacrosse requires enough protection of various body parts to improve performance. When shopping around, it pays to keep your lacrosse equipment and your body in check.

Protective equipment come in handy when playing the contact-heavy sports for protection from injuries. The most critical protective gear for any lacrosse player is a shoulder pad. Choosing the right fit in your shoulder pad is key to optimal safety and fun.

Designed to protect your collarbone, shoulder blades, and sternum, lacrosse shoulder pads also offer enough coverage to your upper back. Unlike men, women don’t wear shoulder pads because physical play and contact is limited during a lacrosse try for women. 

Wearing the protective gear would encourage the women to play with more physical contact. Therefore, only players taking part in men’s lacrosse leagues wear the protective pads over their shoulders and upper back.

When choosing shoulder pads, consider the following factors to help you make an informed buying decision. 

Types of Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads can be traditional, shoulder liners, or hybrid pads. Every type of shoulder pads offers enough flexibility and protection. However, they vary in coverage. This makes them ideal for application in various areas. For instance, some pads may feel bulky and big while others differ in terms of pad protection levels of your shoulders.

Traditional Shoulder Pads – You’ll get the most coverage and protection from a traditional shoulder pad. The pads usually feature layered shoulder caps and enough deltoids and clavicle coverage for total protection. 

They feature a hard-shell outer casing built over the thin padding and the bicep pads you can easily remove as necessary. Worn like a sleeve, the add-ons snug well on your biceps and sit high to protect your upper back and the chest areas.

Many physical lacrosse players such as attackers often prefer traditional shoulder pads for sufficient protection. Attackers experience the most contact and physical play during a lacrosse game; so gear up accordingly. 

The security and added coverage of traditional shoulder pads make them ideal for youth players as they climb up through the lacrosse playing levels while learning.

Hybrid Shoulder Pads – The protective pads come in a streamlined design with a sleek look. If you’re looking for a combination of protection and flexibility in your pad, opt for a hybrid shoulder pad. Unlike bulkier traditional shoulder pads, hybrid pads give a tighter snug fit.

The anatomically-aligned padding runs across the collarbones and the chest, but lacks layered shoulder caps for increased protection. This explains why hybrid pads are often available as add-on bicep pads. They’re ideal for defenders, midfielders, and agility-driven players.

Shoulder Liners – Opt for lacrosse shoulder protection liners if you want lightweight protection. Just like hybrid shoulder pads, the liners integrate less reinforced protection and biceps padding. 

If you play in hot weather or zone, or you’re an advanced athlete, opt for lighter pads. Make sure the players have advanced playing level skills, strength and better seasoning.

Despite being the least restrictive model for shoulder protection, they come in styles not ideal for youth players. Lacrosse shoulder pads are made from breathable materials for optimal comfort. 

This is despite your chosen pad style and needs to play. The shoulder pads should come with a buckled strapping system or a hook-and-loop for better function and improved efficiency. 

RIB Pads

Just like shoulder pads, RIB pads offer physical protection and increased packaging. Worn beneath your shoulder pads, the RIB pads offer protection against your midsection and Iower abdomen for added protection. 

Both shoulder pads and RIB pads come in similar sizing options for a complementary look. With your improved protective process and equipment for playing lacrosse, expect added comfort and security to your pads.

Youth lacrosse players need protection, hence the call for RIB pads. Ask the right questions about shoulder pads to ensure that you understand your protective gear or equipment for better performance. With proper answers, you stand the chance to get the right gear for your safety while playing lacrosse.

As a lacrosse player, you need to find the right shoulder pads to wear at varying levels of your playing experience. With knowledge of these factors, you can easily choose the right lacrosse gear such as cleats, gloves, sticks, and others.


The best shoulder pads for defense while playing lacrosse protects players from serious injuries. They cover your chest, neck, upper back and other areas prone to injuries. They’re made from synthetic materials for strength and added protection. The pads are also padded for cushioned support and comfort.

The STX Cell IV Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for men’s defense offer them protection while playing. The pads cushion players to ensure they don’t sustain injuries upon serious physical body contacts. What’s more, you’re able to use your protective pad for many years to come. 

Finally, the best pads for your shoulders, chest and back come in a snug fit size. Look out for adjustable straps you can easily fit to ensure your pad is comfortably held in place to prevent it from moving around. 

Check out more information about the STX Cell IV Lacrosse Shoulder Pads on Amazon and order one for you or a loved one.