Best Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse has become an extremely popular sport. More and more athletes are beginning to play lacrosse, and teams are showing up in middle schools, high schools, and universities all across the country. Playing lacrosse involved a lot of gear, too. Both the equipment and the safety pieces in uniforms work together to help the sport become more elevated. 

One of the most important pieces of this gear set is lacrosse gloves. Finding the best lacrosse gloves involves a lot of different aspects. From protection to durability, grip to padding, we know the best gloves available.

This article will recommend the best lacrosse gloves on the market to you and cover what makes them so special. We will also help you learn why they are the best and what to look for when buying your own lacrosse gloves. 

Best Lacrosse Gloves – Product Reviews

Let's take a look at our favorite lacrosse gloves. These 2 products are our favorite gloves on the market. You'll love either option. Here are the details of these gloves. 

Epoch Lacrosse iD High Performance Lacrosse Gloves



These gloves offer high-performance results while remaining lightweight and flexible. They work very well for attacks, middles, and defensemen.  These gloves are part of their protective collection and perfect for emerging players. 

These gloves have been engineered with some of the cutting edge technology on the market. These are designed for safety and comfort while remaining affordable. If you want high-performance gloves, these are awesome.

These have 3 layers of dual-density foam. They are designed to protect your hands from impact by balls and players. The foam inside these gloves is designed in stacked layers. The bottom layer has soft foam, making sure you are comfortable. The top layers all have dense polyethylene for maximum protection from impacts. 

These gloves also have an extended cuff. These cuffs will protect player wrists without rigidity. They move with the players according to their style. Instead of reducing your wrist movement with bulky, giant cuffs, these gloves allow the protective part of the glove to remain out of the way when you move your wrist so your range of motion remains full without sacrificing comfort. 

These gloves also have a reinforced and vented palm. The material used in their construction features a nash, vented and reinforced design. The flexible thumb even allows your hands to remain nimble. They ensure that you can get a great grip on your stick. 

Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Glove



These gloves use dual-density foam construction, which makes them very lightweight but able to offer complete protection all across the hand. Vents in the backhand and palm will improve the airflow to your hands so they stay cool and dry, preventing sweat from making your grip slippery and control weak. The textured nash palm allows for an improved feel and keeps the gloves durable while the floating cuff provides extra protection when you flex your wrists without restricting your range of motion.

These gloves also offer great value in their prices. While they're not the cheapest on the market, the value to features ratio is fantastic. It offers tons of great features for a very affordable price point. The system allows the protection you need in high pressure, high impact games. These are ideal for pretty much any player and should last an entire season. 

Guide to the Best Lacrosse Gloves 

There are several features to consider when purchasing lacrosse gloves. Let’s learn about the different features that go into great lacrosse gloves. 


The first thing to consider in glove construction is the thumb. A lacrosse player's thumb is the area that is most prone to injury in a lacrosse game. Because of its position ion the stick, it is not only prone to injury from other sticks and balls but also prone to injury due to your own use of the stick. 

You need to make sure that your gloves have extra padding in the thumb. This extra padding needs to be protective without preventing your thumb from moving during the game. Therefore, thumb padding needs to be flexible and lightweight but also effective against high-impact shots. 

The palm is the area you use to hold your lacrosse stick. This should offer tons of padding so your hands stay comfortable during the game. Take care not to add too much pad in your palm. Making this area too thick will reduce the feedback from your stick and weaken your ability to play effectively. Make sure that your gloves are padded perfectly so you can wield the stick allowing for feedback. 


One of the most important features in a lacrosse glove is the ventilation. Good ventilation makes sure that your hands stay dry and cool in the middle of the game. Sweaty hands will prevent you from performing well. They will hamper your play and prevent your stick responsiveness. 


Another important feature of lacrosse gloves is how well they can grip. Although lacrosse gloves are worn to protect your hands in the game, they can also do more harm than good. You need to have a good grip on your stick. Make sure the gloves you choose allow you to firmly grip your stick. You don't want the hold to slip while you are moving it. A bad grip will also prevent your stick from responding quickly and accurately to your commands and movement. 


The gloves also need to fit perfectly, so size is important. Wearing the right size will make sure that you perform better on the lacrosse field. Most lacrosse players like to wear gloves that fit tightly over their hands, but some prefer a little bit of a looser glove. 

Make sure you try your gloves on. They should fit your hands comfortably and be able to protect your hands well while you play. Trying them on ahead of time will let you be sure they fit right before using them in a game. Gloves typically range from 8 to 14 inches in size. 


Like size, the fit is also quite important to how your gloves work for or against you during a lacrosse game. If you don't pick the right fit, your gloves are going to prevent you from playing well. You will have a bad game and poor performance. 

Again, trying on your gloves is important. If your fingers touch the edges of the gussets, the size is too small. Make sure your lacrosse gloves leave space between your fingertips and the gussets. You also need to make sure that the gloves won't restrict your wrist movement. This could also negatively impact your game. 


The primary reason to wear a pair of lacrosse gloves is for protection. You can get all kinds of cuts and bruises on your hands during a lacrosse game. This is especially true for goalies because they need to stop all kinds of high-speed balls and attacks from the opposing team. This means their hands need massive amounts of protection.

When you buy lacrosse gloves, you need some with great lining and plenty of padding. This will make sure your hands remain protected. You also need to check for extra padding in the thumb and index finger. This can prevent your most vulnerable area from additional injuries.

You also need to ensure that this protection doesn't hinder your game. Although multiple layers of padding are essential, the padding needs to be lightweight, so you can still play to the best of your abilities. Every layer of padding between your hand and your stick reduces the responsiveness unless the padding is light enough to transfer your commands trough to your stick. 


All of these things work together to make for highly effective lacrosse gloves. The reason you wear protective gloves is to make sure that your hands are protected well and remaining comfortable while you play your game. Effective gloves will protect your hands while allowing you to freely use your stick with ease. They can't dampen your gameplay or prevent you from gripping and using your stick. The ventilation in your gloves also helps that, because dry and cool hands can better grip the stick. 

Cleaning Your Lacrosse Gloves

It is important to regularly clean your gloves. Over time, the dirt and sweat that accumulates forms a film inside your gloves. This breeds bacteria and mold and makes your gloves smell terrible. 

Cleaning your gloves is pretty easy. First, pound the gloves on the ground to get off any deposits of dirt that are pretty hard. Next, fill a sink or container with warm water. Add in a mild detergent and let the gloves soak in the water for up to 15 minutes. 

Use some water to wash away the detergent. A high-pressure source like a shower will help loosen any extra dirt that may still remain while you rinse your gloves. Then, put the gloves in the sun or in front of a fan so they can dry. 

This should eliminate any unpleasant odor your gloves experience. It can also ensure that they remain clean of any bacteria or other infections, don't grow mold and are better able to protect and ventilate yu the way they were made to do.