Best Defense Lacrosse Shaft: Maverik Lacrosse Wonder Boy Lacrosse Shaft & Stx Hammer 7000 Defense Complete Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik Lacrosse is a leading manufacturer of apparel and equipment for lacrosse sports. Founded in 2005, the company is located in New York City. Jay Jalbert and John Gagliardi are the founders of the sports brand. In 2010, Kohlberg & Co., a Private Equity group, acquired Maverik Lacrosse at an unknown amount. 

The Maverik Lacrosse Wonder Boy Shaft is the best defense lacrosse shaft. It comes in new bold graphics for your next gaming season. The company manufactures lacrosse stick heads, shafts, complete sticks, protective gear, bags and apparel for both men and female lacrosse players. It also designs sports equipment and gear for athletes.

The Maverik Wonder Boy Lacrosse Shaft 

The lacrosse shaft is a long-time favorite of many lacrosse players worldwide. It has been anodized with a new design to lower its weight for better performance. Designed for defense, the shaft is also ideal for an all-round midfielder. 

Unlike its predecessor, the Wonder Boy comes in a new anodized design that’s 10% lighter. The signature shape of the shaft adds to its strength for increased durability. It’s part of the company’s strongest shaft lines. The Adjustable Butt-End (ABE+) technology uses a silicone liner integrated into the shaft’s design for increased stability. 

With the superior matte finish, handling and controlling your shaft isn’t just easy but feels natural. The 9000 series alloy material is strong and sturdy for long-term use of your lacrosse shaft. 

What We Like

We love the distinct shape of the Maverik Wonder Boy shaft for lacrosse defense. It’s both attractive and functional for enhanced performance. We also love the matte finish on the shaft that ensures every player can easily hold the stick without experiencing unnecessary slips when there’s need to get a good hold of it.

What We Don’t Like

The shaft has all the features a lacrosse player would be looking for in their stick. The only thing we don’t like is that the shafts are too long for most young players. They’re the best for defense, but younger players would have to look for a shaft in a mini size to meet their unique needs.

Features of the Maverik Lacrosse Wonder Boy Shaft

  • The shaft comes in a Maverik signature shape
  • The grip has a matte finish
  • The shaft is made from 9000 series alloy 
  • It’s based on the NEW ABE+ technology 
  • New anodized design 
  • The shaft is available in 30 and 60 inches sizes
1 Maverik-Wonder-Boy-2020



  • Made from a strong alloy for increased strength and durability
  • Signature shape adds to its strength and durability 
  • Easy to handle and control the shaft
  • Has a natural grip
  • The Maverik signature shape differentiates the shaft from its competitors
  • The matte finish is attractive and offers better grip 
  • Silicone liners in the adjustable butt-end enhance stability 
  • Available in two sizes to meet unique needs of players 
  • 10% lighter than its predecessor for faster performance 


  • Not suitable for youth and young players
  • May not be ideal for beginner players 

STX Hammer 7000 Defense Complete Lacrosse Shaft

STX is a leading manufacturer of lacrosse shafts and accessories, including important safety gear such as shoulder pads and helmets. It has decades of experience in the lacrosse manufacturing industry and has won the hearts of lacrosse players worldwide as a high-performing and trustworthy brand. 

The STX Hammer 7000 Lacrosse Defense Stick with a Shaft is designed for a defender with intermediate playing experience. Made from top quality alloy in a concave octagon shape, the Hammer 7000 shaft is a popular top performer. 

The mild sandblast finish gives an exceptional grip and extended durability of the shaft. The lacrosse shaft comes in black and platinum to choose from based on your personal taste and preferences. 

With the classic STX trestle sidewall design, you’re guaranteed higher sturdiness and strength with a lightweight head to support durability and top performance. The complete lacrosse stick comes with a Hammer 7000 shaft for replacement hen need arises. It also comes with a strung STX dry mesh. 

What We Like

We like that this complete defense stick comes with a shaft ready for replacement so that players can continue playing even if the stick fails in the middle of a game. What’s more, it’s satisfied for safety and verified as a top performer. The stick is also durable and has a great finish.

What We Don’t Like

Designed for top intermediate performance, the stick can still support novice or advanced play, but not at optimal performance. It’s also available in limited finish color options.

Features of the STX Hammer 7000 Defense Shaft

  • X10 complete lacrosse stick with a Hammer 700 shaft
  • Black and platinum finish options
  • Classic STX trestle sidewall design and concave octagon shape
  • STX dry mesh that comes stung
  • NFHS and NCAA certified 
  • Made from 7075 alloy and 60-inch length
  • Mild sandblast finish



  • Provides high stiffness and strength
  • Has a lightweight head for easy handling
  • Made from strong alloy for strength and durability
  • NFHS and NCAA certified for safety and top performance 
  • Long enough to support intermediate defense play 
  • Has good finish and grip for easy handling 


  • May not support top novice or advanced performance 

Why You Should Choose the Right Defense Lacrosse Shaft

If you’re looking for a lacrosse shaft, it’s likely you want to replace your broken lacrosse stick. Instead of buying a new stick, you can save costs by buying a shaft for replacement. The need to choose the right lacrosse shaft goes without saying. Selecting the right shaft ensures you buy one that’s compatible with the head of your existing stick.

The right shaft is of the same size, design, shape and configuration for compatibility with your lacrosse head. Check the specification of your broken shaft to ensure you get the right replacement shaft for compatibility reasons.

The Best Defense Lacrosse Shaft Buying Guide

Are you shopping for a lacrosse shaft? If yes, consider various factors to help you choose the best lacrosse shaft designed for your specific wing or role as a player. Here’re some factors to consider when looking for the best lacrosse shaft:


Make sure the replacement shaft you buy is compatible in size with your existing lacrosse head. It should be of the same size as the broken shaft to successfully get it replaced and setup. 

Design and Shape

It’s also important for the lacrosse shaft you want to replace to match your choice in terms of design and shape. An exact shape and size would ensure that your new shaft is compatible with the existing head. Shafts often come in concave, soft octagon, and octagon shapes to consider. 

Make sure the shape of the two shafts (the one to be replaced and the new one for replacement) are similar.

The Type of Lacrosse Shaft

Lacrosse shafts are designed for specific wings ranging from defense to midfield and center lines. If the broken shaft belongs to a defense stick, find one meant for the same purpose. This is to say that a compatible shaft to a broken defense shaft is one made for similar players. 

Price and Brand

It’s also wise to buy a shaft in the same price range as your broken shaft for compatibility. If the cost of buying a new shaft to use with your lacrosse head is high, consider buying a completely new stick to save on costs. Otherwise, you may spend too much on just a shaft yet the same amount would buy a new stick.

Sometimes, the most compatible shaft would be one from the same brand as the one that’s broken. If you can’t find one from your lacrosse stick’s manufacturer, you can find universal shafts on the market to replace your broken shaft.


Even if your lacrosse stick isn’t broken, replacing the shaft is a good way to customize it for a personal touch. Choose the right shaft to give your stick a desired look and feel. What’s more, you can order for a custom shaft to be made for your lacrosse head. It can be embedded with the right messages, text or graphics as you deem fit.

It also allows you to choose the texture and materials you want on your shaft. Consider titanium, aluminum, scandium, and alloys for shaft materials. Aluminum is lightweight, titanium the strongest and scandium strikes a balance between the pros of the two metals or materials. 

If you’re playing outdoors and looking for consistent temperature in your stick, opt for a composite material. Materials also determine the durability of your chosen lacrosse shaft. 

Screws and Screw Holes/Nuts and Bolts

The screws or nuts and bolts used to fasten the head to the shaft must also be compatible in size and number. It would ensure that the head is fixed and tightened properly onto the shaft for optimal performance. 


The length of lacrosse sticks vary based on players. Midfielders and attackers require the shortest stick length ranging from 40 to 42 inches. Midfield and defensive players usually use sticks ranging from 52 to 72 inches in length. Based on a goalie’s preference, a stick can range from 40 to 72 inches in length.

On the other hand, youth players need shorter stick lengths for ease of use and comfort. The right stick length for youths also vary, but may be as short as 30 inches long. When buying a shaft for your head, make sure the total length lies within the range allowed for defensive players.

In this case, your stick should range in length from 52 to 72 inches after attaching the shaft to the lacrosse head. This ensures players get a comfortable length for controlling and handling the stick.

Gender and Age

Shafts are made for men, women and youth. Choose the right shaft for your stick. If you’re a man, opt for a shaft designed with men in mind based on their physical features, strength and power. Generally, shafts for women and youth are lighter than those for men.


The best lacrosse shaft for defense allows defensive players to get a stick of comfortable length for easy handling when playing. The shafts of sticks may break while playing, hence the need for replacement. A worn out shaft that’s been used for years and has probably lost its grip may also need replacement.

Shafts are also replaced when you want to give your lacrosse stick a custom look. A custom shaft gives a stick a personalized look based on your preferences. For instance, it may feature personalized text and/or graphics for a desired look and feel.

Various factors come into play when choosing the best lacrosse shaft for you. They range from length and materials to gender and design. Make sure that the right shaft is compatible with your head for optimal performance. 

The Maverik Wonder Boy Lacrosse Shaft is made from a strong alloy for increased strength and durability. It’s lighter than its predecessor, available in 30 and 60 inch sizes, and supports defensive playing. It’s also reasonably-priced for an advanced shaft designed for experienced players.

Visit Amazon today to order the Maverik Wonder Boy Lacrosse Shaft to attach to your lacrosse stick head and continue enjoying your favorite game indoors or outdoors.